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Policies and procedures

Research management compliance framework

Research Management Policy

PolicyPDF icon Research Management Policy (PDF, 183.74 KB)PL2017/55
AttachmentResearch Management Glossary (PDF, 343.62 KB) 

Research management compliance & governance procedures

Compliance Framework Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Compliance Framework ProcedurePR2017/112
AttachmentResearch Management Compliance Framework (PDF, 151.23 KB) 
AttachmentResearch Management Governance Committee Structure (PDF, 207.55 KB) 
AttachmentResearch Council TOR (PDF, 257.08 KB) 
AttachmentResearch Committee TOR (PDF, 256.55 KB) 

Ethical and Scientific Review of Human Research Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Ethical and Scientific Review of Human Research Procedure (PDF, 413 KB)PR2017/113
AttachmentResearch Protocol Template (DOC, 1.03 MB) 
AttachmentMSH HREC Terms of Reference (PDF, 293.84 KB) 
AttachmentHREC Application Closing Dates & HREC Meeting Dates (PDF, 62.03 KB)  

Specific Human & Animal Ethical & Scientific Review Requirements Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Specific Human and Animal Ethical and Scientific Review Requirements Procedure (PDF, 219.59 KB)PR2017/114

Biospecimen Ethics & Participant Information & Consent Form Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Biospecimen Ethics and Participant Information and Consent Form Procedure (PDF, 344.61 KB)PR2017/115
AttachmentMSH Participant Information & Consent Form Template (DOC, 241 KB) 
AttachmentParticipant Information & Consent Form Compliance Tool (XLS, 76.5 KB) 

Research Governance (Site Specific Assessment) Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Research Governance (Site Specific Assessment) Procedure (PDF, 370.43 KB)PR2017/116
AttachmentResearch Contracts Approval and Study Execution Form (PDF, 157.97 KB) 
AttachmentResearch Commencement Form (DOC, 834 KB) 

Research Governance (Monitoring) Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Research Governance (Monitoring) Procedure (PDF, 220.94 KB)PR2017/117
AttachmentHREC/RGO Annual Progress/Final Report (PDF, 845.57 KB) 

PowerTrials - Electronic Medical Record Research Support Module Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon PowerTrials - Electronic Medical Record Research Support Module Procedure (PDF, 201.15 KB)PR2017/118
AttachmentMSH PowerTrials WBT eLearning Module (PDF, 412.7 KB) 

Research management funding, grants and contracts procedures

Research Grants Administration Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Research Grants Administration Procedure (PDF, 423.69 KB)PR2017/119
AttachmentGrant Payment Request Form (DOC, 196.5 KB) 

MSH Research Support Scheme (RSS) Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Metro South Health Research Support Scheme (RSS) Procedure (PDF, 265.23 KB)PR2017/120

Research Funding, Budgets & Infrastructure Support Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Research Funding, Budgets and Infrastructure Support Procedure (PDF, 312.76 KB)PR2017/121
AttachmentMSH Financial Processes Flowchart (PDF, 103.78 KB) 

Research Contracts and Study Execution Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Research Contracts and Study Execution Procedure (PDF, 275.48 KB)PR2017/122

Research Fees Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Research Fees Procedure (PDF, 203.26 KB)PR2017/123

Research management integrity and quality procedures

Research Complaints and Misconduct Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Research Complaints and Misconduct Procedure (PDF, 481.46 KB)PR2017/124
AttachmentResearch Complaints and Misconduct Flowchart (DOCX, 318.18 KB) 
AttachmentResearch Integrity Assessment Tool (DOCX, 160.15 KB) 
AttachmentInvestigation Panel Checklist (DOCX, 148.16 KB) 
AttachmentPanel Terms of Reference Template (DOCX, 235.76 KB) 
AttachmentReporting the Findings of the Investigation Checklist (DOCX, 147.2 KB) 

Research Data Integrity and Information Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Research Data Integrity and Information Procedure (PDF, 278.59 KB)PR2017/125

Quality Framework and Reporting Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Quality Framework and Reporting Procedure (PDF, 299.82 KB)PR2017/126

Research Integrity Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Research Integrity Procedure (PDF, 268.87 KB)PR2018/176
AttachmentMSH Research Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (DOCX, 86.75 KB) 


Research biorepositories governance framework

Research Biorepositories Policy

ProcedurePDF icon Research Biorepositories Policy (PDF, 188.71 KB)PL2017/53
AttachmentMSH Research Biorepositories Glossary (PDF, 331.18 KB) 

Research biorepositories compliance and governance procedures

Governance, Oversight & Management Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Governance, Oversight and Management Procedure (PDF, 348.67 KB)PR2017/98
AttachmentMSH Research Biorepository Governance Framework (PDF, 122.53 KB) 
AttachmentMSH Research Biorepository Compliance Framework (PDF, 52.47 KB) 

Strategic Oversight Committee & Compliance Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Strategic Oversight Committee and Compliance Procedure (PDF, 307.86 KB)PR2017/99
AttachmentTerms of Reference (PDF, 137.18 KB) 
AttachmentMSH Research Biorepository Complaint Form (PDF, 113.69 KB) 

Establishment of a Research Biorepository Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Establishment of a Research Biorepository Procedure (PDF, 346.18 KB)PR2017/100
AttachmentMSH Research Biorepository Financial Plan Template (PDF, 123.8 KB) 
AttachmentEstablishment of a Research Biorepository Checklist (PDF, 58.12 KB) 

Operational Arrangements Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Operational Arrangements Procedure (PDF, 371.75 KB)PR2017/101

Research biorepositories operations procedures

Acquisition, Attainment & Recruitment Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Acquisition, Attainment and Recruitment Procedure (PDF, 292.29 KB)PR2017/102
AttachmentUse of Existing Collections of Samples Flowchart (PDF, 222.25 KB) 
AttachmentMinimum Data Set (PDF, 142.12 KB) 
AttachmentMinimum Data Set Template (PDF, 95.19 KB) 
AttachmentAQIS Permit (PDF, 1.7 MB) 

Facility, Equipment, Storage & Security Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Facility, Equipment, Storage and Security Procedure (PDF, 307.92 KB)PR2017/103
AttachmentMaintenance & Calibration Requirements for Equipment Commonly Use in Research Biorepositories (PDF, 94.39 KB) 
AttachmentFacility, Equipment, Storage & Security Checklist (DOC, 1.05 MB) 

Collection, Processing, Handling & Retrieval Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Collection, Processing, Handling and Retrieval Procedure (PDF, 397.88 KB)PR2017/104
AttachmentRecommended Quality Control Processes (PDF, 28.26 KB) 
AttachmentRecommended Preservation Methods (PDF, 28.83 KB) 
AttachmentCollection, Processing, Handling & Retrieval Checklist (DOC, 1.11 MB) 

Disposal, Lab/Fridge Merge & Closure Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Disposal, Lab/Fridge Merge and Closure Procedure (PDF, 256.49 KB)PR2017/105

Access & Applications for Samples Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Access and Applications for Samples Procedure (PDF, 329.36 KB)PR2017/106
AttachmentApplication for Samples Form (DOC, 1.06 MB) 

Material Transfer Agreements, Packaging & Shipping Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Material Transfer Agreements, Packaging and Shipping Procedure (PDF, 367.05 KB)PR2017/107
AttachmentMaterial Transfer Agreement Template (DOCX, 37.58 KB) 
AttachmentSample Dispatch Coversheet Template (DOC, 1.06 MB) 
AttachmentTransport of Samples Template (DOC, 649 KB) 
AttachmentMaterial Transfer Agreements, Packaging & Shipping Checklist (DOC, 352.5 KB) 

Research biorepositories quality procedures

Emergency Preparedness and Work Health & Safety Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Emergency Preparedness and Work Health and Safety Procedure (PDF, 279.29 KB)PR2017/108
AttachmentWork Health and Safety Checklist (DOC, 1.01 MB) 

Databases, Tracking, Records & Documentation Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Databases, Tracking, Records and Documentation Procedure (PDF, 414.96 KB)PR2017/109
AttachmentSelection of Research Biorepository Informatics Management Systems (PDF, 112.61 KB) 
AttachmentValidation & Operation of Research Biorepository Informatics Systems (PDF, 29.99 KB) 
AttachmentConfidentiality Agreement for Employees (DOC, 1006 KB) 
AttachmentDatabases, Tracking, Records & Documentation Checklist (DOC, 1.07 MB) 

Quality Management System (Assurance & Control) Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Quality Management System (Assurance and Control) Procedure (PDF, 296.67 KB)PR2017/110
AttachmentQuality Assurance & Quality Control Implementation & Auditing (PDF, 108.38 KB) 
AttachmentQuality Control Considerations for Specific Types of Biospecimens (PDF, 132.78 KB) 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Procedure

ProcedurePDF icon Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Procedure (PDF, 310.87 KB)PR2017/111
AttachmentStandard Operating Procedures Index (DOC, 76.5 KB) 
AttachmentStandard Operating Procedure Template (DOC, 261 KB) 
AttachmentExample Standard Operating Procedure (PDF, 358.11 KB) 
AttachmentStandard Operating Procedure Review Records (DOC, 34.5 KB) 
AttachmentStandard Operating Procedures Distribution Records (DOC, 35 KB) 
AttachmentStandard Operating Procedure Checklist (DOC, 1016.5 KB) 
Last updated 10 August 2020
Last reviewed 17 May 2018