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How we use your feedback

Our responsibility

Metro South Health will:

  • record all compliments and complaints (online form, Have Your Say cards, when you contact a Customer Liaison Officer)
  • work towards responding to complaints within 35 days 
  • contact you when you give permission and your name and contact details.

Our performance

We welcome many types of consumer feedback including your experience, compliments, complaints and suggestions. 

We thank you for giving us feedback. Your feedback is used by our health service to tell us when our service is doing well and to help us know when we could be doing better. Our health service uses feedback to improve how we deliver care.

2022 Consumer feedback report

In 2022,  

  • 86% of patients told us they were treated with respect and dignity, meeting the Queensland Health Patient Reported Experience Measure most favourable response  result (Inpatient Patient Reported Experience Measure Queensland result 2022). 
  • Our hospitals and services received 3,225 number of suggestions and compliments from its consumers.  
  • When able, we shared this feedback with our staff and used consumer feedback to help improve our services. 

2022 Consumer Feedback 

Hospital or serviceNumber of compliments and suggestions receivedNumber of complaints receivedNumber of complaints resolved within 35 daysNumber of complaints acknowledged within 5 days
Princess Alexandra (PA)7131111 10881104
QEII Jubilee721557501553
Logan and Beaudesert Health Service48711319781130
Bayside Health Service287468417453
Addiction and Mental Health233354344344
Community and Oral Health784168150160

The Public Service Act 2008 requires that we publish information in relation to complaints received by Metro South Health.

Your privacy

We take your privacy seriously. All complaints are treated with the utmost confidentiality at all times. Your complaint will not be recorded in your medical record. 

Last updated 12 April 2023
Last reviewed 13 January 2023